How to log out of Facebook Messenger in 2020

Facebook decided to turn Messenger into its own standalone app a while back. However, Facebook Messenger does not have a log out button like the original Facebook app which can be difficult for a number of users to deal with. In this article, we’ll show you how to log out from your phone or PC using Messenger on Android and iOS.

Clear Data from the Messenger app in Settings

You need to go through your Android device’s Settings to log out of Facebook Messenger.

  • Close the app and get rid of it from your recent app list if you have it open, otherwise this trick does not work.
  • Scroll down to the Applications or Program Manager in Settings, and click until you see Messenger.
  • Tap this, scroll and find Storage
  • Select Clear Data after opening Storage. There should also be an option for Clear Cache which we suggest you use too.

Now when you go back to your device folder to tap on Messenger, you can see that it won’t immediately sign you in.

we told all thing about it in video form so you can see below here:

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