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FRP bypass apk also is known as the FRP bypass tool is used to circumvent security from Google’s factory reset. If after a factory reset, you have forgotten your password for your Google Account, it’s useful. To solve all your problems you can use the FRP bypass method discussed in this article. In this article, we will share everything about the FRP bypass apk. As you know, many users face this problem and want to learn how to circumvent the security of Google’s factory reset on their android device.

What is Google FRP Bypass APK?

Bypass industrial facility reset guarantee is a security patch created by Google, as mentioned earlier. It helps in insurance the gadget on the off chance that it is taken or lost. No one will have the option to sidestep FRP since you need Google Records to connect. FRP sidestep highlight was first introduced for devices such as LG, Samsung, and many others. Most likely it is marvelous security include yet it makes a great deal of issues on the off chance that you overlook account secret word.

File NamFrp Bypass.apk
File Size1.2 MB
File Typeapplication/android package-archieve
File Extensionapk

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1.  FRP Bypass APK: Factory Reset Coverage at Google Easily

For Android smartphones and tablets running Android 5.0, this security patch comes up. There are two guides available to bypass the android FRP lock. You just have to follow the simple steps for the FRP bypass. Mainly with this tutorial, if you have lost your smartphone or forgotten your account password, you’ll be able to bypass google FRP lock easily. You’ll need a USB drive, an OTG cable, and a PC for the first approach to circumvent FRP. Follow these steps once you have those requirements:

2. FRP Bypass with OTG

  • You’ll need to first download FRP bypass apk from our official website. You can check the link given above on download.
  • Copy FRP bypass apk onto your USB drive once you have downloaded the file.
  • Now start your Android device that you face the FRP problem on.
  • Next a setup wizard will open where you must follow the instructions on the basis.
  • Once the safety screen reset bypass factory appears. You will need to enter login credentials for your Google Account.
  • But for the reason you’ve lost your cell, or don’t remember it, you’ll need to try something else.
  • You will now need to connect the USB pen drive to your Android device using OTG cable.
connect USB pen drive to your android device
connect USB pen drive to your android device
  • You will then see the launch of the file explorer on your Android phone. First, open the folder on your Android device where the FRP Bypass apk file has been protected.
  • Your phone will block installation during the installation process and you may be seeing unknown source error.
  • Just go to your system settings and turn on the option Unknown Sources.
turn on the option Unknown Sources.
turn on the option Unknown Sources.
  •  Now press the Install button to reboot the installation process. 
  • Tap Open after installation is complete and the Settings menu will  open.
 Settings menu will  open
Settings menu will open

Select the feature Backup and Reset in settings to scroll down. Then tap Reset Factory data and tap Confirm button.

It’s it!! Google factory reset security on your android device has been successfully bypassed. You will now have to restart your system and you will no longer face FRP bypass issues. After restarting your app, choose to connect to or skip Google Account.

 3.FRP Bypass APK Specifications 

  • Android device running Lollipop or the version above.
  • Working with an internet connection to download the files needed.
  • Windows Pc

4.How to Bypass Google Factory Reset Protection without OTG

The first method we discussed above includes OTG cable along with google factory bypass reset apk file protection. But, you don’t need to use OTG with this tool. Because we are going to use FRP bypass tool, make sure you have internet connection working. So lets get started:

  1. You need to toggle your android device first. You will see a wizard for setup.
wizard for setup
wizard for setup.
  • Follow the instructions on the computer once you see the screen of the FRP bypass device. You will have to open the keyboard and press its share.
you must type in whatever you want to write and choose the option "post."
you must type in whatever you want to write and choose the option “post.”
  • Next on the menu button, you need to tot ap, and then support and input. 
  • Next, you must type in whatever you want to write and choose the option “post.”
open the android keyboard
open the android keyboard
  • Choose Messaging option after that, then type new message and any number in the “To” line. Next, pick it, and press the contacts button.
  • Tap the Call icon button next, and tap the new call option. After opening the dial pad, you’ll need to type* #* #4636 #* #*
  • Now tap the use statistics option and tap back button. Then go to menu settings.
  • Then press the button Backup and Reset. Select reset and confirm data from the factory.
press the button Backup and Reset
press the button Backup and Reset

It is gentlemen!! Use the FRP bypass method, you successfully bypass Google Account Verification. This guide’s screenshots are attached so you’ll be able to follow these steps easier. I hope these two approaches have helped clear your suspicions on how to circumvent the security of Google’s factory reset.

5.Custom Binary Lock by FRP Fix

  • When a user roots the Samsung unit, it automatically applies a custom binary lock. That means FRP bypass is enabled by default. So your custom phone recovery access is blocked, too. If you are facing this problem, then follow the instructions given below. Make sure you have downloaded Odin 3 and that you have a working Mac. Those moves follow next:
  • You must first download the device from here. Unzip it after that, and mount it.
  • Next, you’ll need to pick up your Samsung smartphone and keep the home button, power button, and screen volume keys.
  • You’ll then get system software update notification. To upgrade app choice you will need to hold up the main volume.
  • Open Odin 3 tool now and attach your Samsung app to your screen.
  • You will need to pick the zip files from the file you downloaded above until your computer is automatically detected.
  • Press the Start button next, and start the update of the system software version. Once the process is over, you will need to disconnect and reboot your system.
  • One thing you should note, let your device update install the necessary stuff so wait a few minutes.

Using this method you can unblock factory bypass reset security switch. This is it!! Now your custom binary problem with the FRP lock is completely fixed.

6.FRP Bypass Tool List

Let’s take a look at the 2018 list of workable and effective FRP bypass devices. So lets checkout:

  1. FRP lock Google Verification Bypass Tool
  2. FRP Bypass APK Download for Android
  3. Remote Google Account Bypass Removal
  4. GSM Flasher ADB Bypass FRP Tool
  5. FRP / Google Account Bypass and Flashing System Function
  6. Pangu FRP Bypass tool
  7. FRP Bypass Solutions
  8. Samsung FRP Helper v0.2
  9. Android lock screen escape tool to lock screen bypass
  10. D&G Password Unlocker Tool
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