‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ returns 3-player teams after 2 days

Quads were not as well-received as first thought.

The addition to Call of Duty of four-player squads: Warzone would not appear to have gone as easily as anticipated. Infinity Ward has rolled out a playlist replace for the battle royale brawler that brings once more three-player teams alongside the four-player and solo choices. The developer didn’t specify what led to the transfer, however this didn’t prolong to the Plunder mode of selection

As Rock Paper Shotgun outlined, greater teams have lots of penalties for gameplay. It can take longer to get a squad collectively (notably if you would like associates), and there’ll in all probability be fewer teams competing in any given match. Team cohesion could possibly be more durable, too. Trios might merely symbolize the sweet spot for lots of players, and it gained’t be gorgeous if Infinity Ward acknowledged that shortly.

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