Top 20 Best Android Games 2020

Hey, what’s up guys this is someone here from NadiTech and welcome to a new article of best android games in this article I’ve compiled a list of best games of 2019 to get you going through 2020.

1.Grid Autosport

This is a console-quality racer that has finally arrived in android this week the full game can be had for just $10 and there is no in-app purchases or ads which makes this a premium release if you’ve yet to play this racer it makes it’s many styles of racing from dirt tracks to city streets and of course there are tons of different cars to choose from in comparison most racers on Android are free to play and so often contain many questionable monetization systems so we’ve been searching for a premium mobile racer that won’t break the bank freed Autosport is currently the best option available.

2.Synthwave Run

we have Synth-wave run since wave run as an auto-runner themed around the stylings typically found in this particular genre of electronic music essentially the game contains an 80s throwback theme with bright neon colors that give the game a distinct Tron look it’ll be your job to reach the system’s core by running through dozens of handcrafted levels jump boost and dash mechanics will be at your disposal through this is a challenging game so make sure you bring some quick reflexes if you plan on playing.

3. Eve-Echoes

We have Eve-Echoes has officially entered to an open beta testing phase which means that anyone that happens to live in Australia USA Canada Russia Europe South Korea or New Zealand can jump into the better right now a few new features were added to the game of this beta such as storyline missions and interstellar trading center as well as a tutorial for Riki pilots so if you’d like to explore the CCP games mobile sci-fi MMO Eve echos before it’s officially released now is your chance.

4.Faraway: Galactic Escape

Next up we have faraway Galactic escape this is the latest an alone chapter in the Far Away saga much like the last five games in the series galactic escape offers an all-new environment to solve puzzles n as you can see the graphics take a much darker tone this time around which may have something to do with the titles many twists so if you’re looking for a quality escape room game faraway Galactic escape is a great choice.

5. Black Paradox

Next up we have black paradox this is a gorgeous roguelike side-scrolling shooter that offers 20 weapons 37 power-ups and 13 deadly drones you will use these tools to take on 62 different enemy types and 14 deadly bosses the touchscreen controls are responsive and the gameplay is really enjoyable Plus this is a premium release so you won’t have to worry about any in-app purchases or ads interrupting your sessions which in turn makes this game a definite pick up.

6. Tiny Room Stories

Next up we have tiny room stories town mystery is a puzzle game that at first glance looks like it’s pushing the boundaries of the genre after few minutes of playing it appears as if it brought together elements of a detective nor on a bit of sims flavor and all that with some pretty amazing puzzle mechanics, in fact, this game could be considered as an IQ test of sorts as it requires logic geometry perception quick reasoning and thinking outside the box you.

7. Retro City Rampage DX

Next up we have Retro City Rampage DX the setup here is very similar to Grand Theft Auto as you either go on missions for various shady characters like with the main guy you’re working for you can advance the story with him complete missions for others or just run around town and blow stuff up what makes Retro City Rampage is so impressive that while being more compact, it really nails the entire grand theft car experience.

8. Soccer Manager 2020

Next up we have soccer manager 2020 this is another soccer management game where you will fill the role of the team’s management to lead them to victory so if you enjoy taking command of training sessions transfers squad selection squad numbers and team tactics then you will want to take a look at soccer manager 2020 to see if it’s the right one for you you you.

9. Penguins Isle

Next up we have penguins Isle this game takes the recognizable core of an idol game and splashes it up with some really pretty visuals and a calming atmosphere that complements the simple mechanics you’ll start out with a lone habitat though it won’t be long before you have created a size of a colony of penguin pals all the different penguins have their own jobs or skills with builders fishermen and farmers among them and, to be honest, this game has been one of the more enjoyable worthwhile idle games I’ve played recently you.

10. Standoff

Standoff-is a fun and thrilling first-person shooter game that plays well in an awesome way as it literally makes it a lot of fun for its users as well as a lot more for other aspects of the game that the game offers a whole range of weapons and even those that include the iconic AK-47 assault rifle as well as the desert eagle pistol but aside from all this and other elements of multiplayer modes, the game standoff involves a single player where you can face the AI-controlled enemies and all these are just as much as you can just check it out for free.

11.Brawl Stats for Brawl Stars

Next for Brawl-stats brawl stars is a team-based top-down shooter at heart mixed in with the kind of advancement and loot boxes you’ve come to love or hate from both clash games brawl stars gameplay is immediately accessible and its real-time PvP doesn’t threaten and the style and charm are through the roof.

12. Elder Scroll Blades

Next up we have elder scroll blades, to be honest, it does not feel like an LS for games but for the people who don’t play them or just want to have a good game to play on your iPhone then this is a great RPG game you can play the graphics are amazing and the controls are pretty easy too and if you’re tired of playing at the landscape mode then you can easily switch to portrait mode to play your game.

13.Stardew Valley

Next up we have stardew Valley stardew valley is a farming simulation game where you take over your late grandpa’s old farm you will need to plant and harvest crops spend time fishing chat give gifts villagers and work your way through the fields most actions can be done with the tap the music is crisp and clean and the graphics are just as bright and beautiful as ever you won’t even notice how much time flies when you’re playing this and how much fun.

14. TheoTown

Next up we have Theo town Theo-town is an excellent game that can keep you occupied for hours it isn’t like other city builders it’s incredibly detailed and there’s a lot to learn because of this there’s a pretty steep learning curve it’s incredibly detailed and will more than satisfy any city builder fan looking for a great game on the go you.

15. Dota Underlords

Next up we have Dota Underlords is an auto battler or auto chess game which is where you purchased and place units on an 8×8 chase grid and that is pretty much where the chess comparison stopped once you’ve placed down a few units on the field during a preparation phase you move into the battle phase where you’ll either be going against a pre-prepared army of another online player in your Lobby or an NPC group of units which you can get dude from Dota Underlords can be a very fun and satisfying game but at other times it is infuriating if the stars align you get your loot alliances and units you’re looking for it can be excellent.

16. NBA 2K20

Next up we have NBA 2k 20 the mobile app game features a nice mix of different game modes and ways to play without arbitrary limitations are free to place an against the most prominent mode is called my career which lets you take your created player through a full NBA career starting out as an unrooted college player looking to raise your stock ahead at the draft overall it’s the best basketball game out there for mobile six to shoot Wow here’s Leonard defense right on him he’s got so much junk in his trunk he’ll find a way to hurt you well doors an interesting game moments ago yeah Justin talked with head coach Frank Vogel what do you have to say back to green.

17. MotoGP 19

Next up we have MotoGP 19 moto GP 19 once again walks the tightrope almost perfectly hardcore fans of the sport are going to find themselves engrossed with the details while casual players can still hop right in and have some fun if last year was the overhaul MotoGP 19 offers the additions that make the bump in the road feel worth it.


First, we got odd Mar now I’ve been playing odd Mar on iOS for a while, but I didn’t know it came out in Android 2 so for those people who haven’t played it here you control the enormous spike in protagonist a shelf is little off who is pressed into duty when his entire village disappears he is granted a mystical power by the forest creatures that allows him to jump around by throwing down mushrooms but in exchange, he has to also save the Great forest from evil creatures all in all the graphics are great and the gameplay is amazing and it’s a good game to play.


Ailment is a pixel art roguelike action game that takes place on a spaceship in a distant galaxy, after being unconscious of it three days and all of his crew became enemies.He had a rescue mission but everyone on that ship was already dead now he has to remember what happened and find out the truth then the last thing he Remembers returned from the other ship where he had a mission to rescue her.

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