Android 11 Could provide support for phone calls with live captions

  • The lately launched Android 11 Dev Preview Three has revealed that Android’s Live Captions feature could also be available with phone calls in the future.
  • While it’s nonetheless early within the day, it’s possible that the feature can be accessible when Android 11 releases commercially in fall this 12 months.
  • Google introduced fundamental support for live captions with the Android 10 update final 12 months.

Android 10 introduced a useful dwell caption feature that would supply written prompts in your screen for some content material on the device. Code found inside the latest build of the Android 11 Developer Preview appears to suggest that this feature may be extended to phone calls, permitting users to learn what the particular person on the opposite finish is saying.

Since this has already been noticed on the dev preview, it’s possible that the final build of Android 11 may have this feature when it’s released this fall. The discovery was made inside the code of Device Personalization Services (v2.13.302920511).

If Live Caption is enabled in your phone, users on the other end will reportedly get an audio prompt saying “Hi, the person you’re about to speak with has call captions turned on. They’ll see captions of what you say to help them listen along.”

This might be a useful feature on Android 11 and might possibly be used as an accessibility feature as well. Live Captions is considerably limited in its current type, although it’s good to see the feature getting better with the subsequent main Android release. Although one want to believe that this may make the cut on Android 11, it’s possible that is nonetheless below testing and is probably not applied in spite of everything.

With Google not too long ago releasing the Android 11 Developer Preview 3, the main focus is now firmly set on the primary Android 11 beta which needs to be ready over the subsequent few weeks. This will give us an excellent thought about the Live Captions feature in addition to some new tips that Google could have up its sleeve for the subsequent main Android release.

Will you be interested in live captions for phone calls?


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