Hello everyone in today’s Article I will show you how to bypass and to remove Google and Samsung Account from every Samsung phone with latest security part from November 2019 just watch the Article carefully and follow the steps carefully and you need a lot of patience and one of the steps ok let’s start you can see the phone is rocket you can’t enter the menu so we need to factory reset the phone how we are doing this by entering the recovery and white data from there for that purpose we need to turn on the screen hold volume down plus power button until the phone turn off and when the phone turns off we really need to move our fingers on the pigs beep button volume up button and power button I will show you so turn on the screen hold volume down plus power the phone is off and we move our fingers to volume on bixby and power okay we are now at the recovery menu from here move the cursor with the volume buttons and select wipe data/factory reset and confirm with power button so yes like the font format cell ok it’s done and now select the boot system now the phone boots it’s ready we need to select our language let’s start keep this for now you can see and authorize the time has been made to reset your device to factory default settings connect to a Wi-Fi or mobile network to verify your identity okay here we are connecting to network next you can see the phone is asking for pin code we don’t know it here you can see the fibers rosette so what we are doing now go back here and the step with the Wi-Fi network it’s important to be here and what we need now is SIM card in cotton Abel and just here is the step where you need to be very patient all the step exactly make it once twice or how many times it need to be it will happen just need to be patient join the scene taking the single G part don’t fill the tray to the anything like this now what we need to do is put the sim ejector here one of the hands push the seat tray after you need to count one two three and tap next after that immediately push the sim eject tool to take the SIM card tap ok tap here under notification and slide here with your finger you need to do this quickly okay concentrate one two three tap next push the tray here here we need to be faster okay again push the tray one two three tap next eject push one two three and you don’t catch it we need to try again that’s what we need guys finally we catch it okay guys we finally reach the notification bar that’s what we need just be patient I made it probably 30 or 40 times until I reach it and from here is the easy part the unlock just tap on the search icon and tap on settings hey that was easy we’ll tap here on lockscreen and security you can see it’s here screen rock type swipe what we need to do now is just go biometrics and security basic admission okay confirm and enter a pin four-digit pin wherever you prefer okay it’s ready now just go back now if we are going to lock screen you can see the screen lock type spin from here just hold the Power button and selector start and wait for the phone to launch, when the forest begins you can see the lock screen.that we entered previously so – four zeros let’s go Thanks here we are already connect how the phone is checking for days okay until you’re killing me okay we are entering four zeros and next and that’s all guys we are ready you can skip this step now we are the home screen the phone is unlocked and ready now I will go to settings just show you With regard to phone software detail, you can see here under every security patch hello from 1 November 2019. This is the latest security patch. this is the latest update and everything’s fine work our method is work perfectly and we are ready if you prefer now you can go to general management reset and factory data reset it enter your P max and the D top that’s it

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