Samsung Galaxy S10 Top 10 Hidden Features in IUI

These are my top 10 secret tricks that will work for your Samsung Galaxy S 10 on other devices that have the 1 UI update let’s get started I am going to start off talking about wallpapers no not those wallpapers we’re going to do a lock screen wallpaper

So if you head into the gallery app when you’re at the top of the page scroll down a little bit more and you’ll see this videos section so this is going to show you all the videos on your phone so for a video lockscreen you can choose any video that you have up to 15 seconds long so we’re going to select this video wallpaper right here and I’m going to select the menu and then set as wallpaper and now here it’s giving me the option to edit so I could actually shorten the video but this one is already 15 seconds long so I’m just going to select set as wallpaper so now that we’ve done that when we go to our lockscreen you will see that it now begins to play at that video and if I unlock the phone it just jumps right in now a few things to note you can only set actual videos you can’t set to gif images or anything as the video wallpaper and then it will only play from the beginning of that video each time you unlock the phone if you want to see the full video you kind of have to swipe a little bit to be able to see that full video and then when you let go it would go into your phone there is also no way to extend the amount of time that your lock screen is showing if you want some of the video wallpapers.

2. Flashlight

Here we’re going to go into the quick settings and here we have flashlight so if you tap on the text of flashlight here you have the option to adjust the brightness of the flashlight so let’s turn it on and then here we can actually adjust the intensity so we can go to a level 5 or down to a level 1 you can’t see it that much but there you have that quick brightness option so that’s really handy to have in many different situations and there we can select done and turn on and off at the flashlight.

3. Floating camera icons

How to do a floating camera icons right now I’ve tried to take a picture you have the camera shutter button but if you grab that shutter button you can actually remove it and place it anywhere on the screen so it’s easier for you to reach you know if you’re taking a selfie and you want to quickly do a selfie all you need to do is place your hand over the screen and it will start a two-second timer so there you can see when it sees my palm it then begins a timer so that’s really nice to be able to take your selfies.

4. Multi window is still available in the one UI

Now let’s head into the recent apps menu so on any of these applications you just need to tap the app icon and then this gives you a bunch of options so the multi window is still available in the one UI but it’s just available right here in open in split screen view so you tap that it’s going to hide that app and then ask you to open another application so it’s going to choose ones that you already have open or you’ll see a little icon down in the bottom corner to be able to open up in other application so here we can select one that’s popping up right there and we have both of those apps open at once now before you could tap right here to be able to save those two apps at once but now that option to pair apps together is only available on the edge panel if you go into the app section will you select new and then here you have create app pair and then here you could pair two different applications together switch which is on the top of the bottom and select done and those will show up on the edge panel there is no way to add them to the home page anymore.

5. share large files with other Samsung devices

I am going to show you how to share large files to other Samsung devices quickly so here are my Galaxy S 10 I have a large video file that I want to move over here to my s10 II so I’m going to go back into the gallery pulldown go to videos and then I’m going to find the video that I want to transfer and then I’m going to long press on that video and hit share and then you will see two options that you may have seen before one is called sent to device and one is called Wi-Fi direct now I’m going to show you how to do both so first you’re going to select send to device so then on the other phone you’re actually going to go into the quick panel settings and go to Smart View so when you open up Smart View it’s going to do two things one it’s going to search for a device to cast or mirror the screen to but then down here it’s going to have another device sends something to this phone so then here you saw that the s10 I showed up so we’re going to select s10 II and now it asks if you want to accept that Wi-Fi transfer so I accept the Wi-Fi transfer and here it is sending over that video file so here you can see it’s downloading right there and here we can see that the file is 977 Meg and just like that after just a few seconds it has now fully transferred over here to the phone and I can open up that video right in the video player so now we have the full video there so another way to be able to do that is if we go back into the gallery and let’s say we select multiple files that we want so I’m just going to drag and select all these I’m gonna hit share and then I’m going to choose Wi-Fi direct so if your device doesn’t have sense device you may want to choose Wi-Fi direct and instead of going into Smart Play you go into the Wi-Fi settings and hit Wi-Fi direct right here at the top you do need to make sure Wi-Fi is on and then it becomes an available device to see to the other phone and then here I’m going to select Naditech and it’s going to send all of those files over to this other phone and there you can see it quickly sent all 26 files over here to the s10 II without any issues so that is how you send large files from your Samsung phone to another Samsung phone and you could also do this between tablets.

6. Multiple applications at one time

We have tips on organizing your home screen and removing applications so if you select one app and then select select items you can choose multiple applications at one time then you can hold down and drag those to another page or drop them there and it will reorganize them now when you do that again another option that you can have is the uninstall right here at the top so if you want to uninstall multiple apps or remove them from your home screen or add them into a folder you can do all that just by selecting multiple items at once.

7. Always-on Display

The always-on display so if we go into the quick panels right here and then we go into the always-on display you’ll see it right here you now have a few different options so previously it would always show the always-on display but now you have an option where the screen is locked you can tap to show they always on display here you could actually show you always on display at all times or you can have the always-on display show as scheduled so let’s go in and show a little bit more details so right under the details you’ll see always-on display so then in the always-on display down here you have those options for the display mode and you now have a new option to go from portrait into landscape so I know a lot of people have asked for that as well so we’re gonna keep it at tap to show lock the screen so if I want to see the time or my notifications I just need to tap the screen once and there it will show up for 30 seconds now if you want to increase the brightness just double tap on the always-on display so here it is set to auto but then you could move it up or down depending on your preference and here you can quickly change it to landscape mode so then if we want to get in the phone we double tap and we can unlock it that way.

8. Pin windows

Pin windows now this is super handy if you hand your phone to somebody and you don’t want them to leave the application that you’re showing them so if we go into the settings here and then we go down to biometrics and security and then we’re going to go into other security settings and then right down here you have the pin windows option so you can turn that on and off so here in pin windows it explains how to get it set up turn on pin windows open the app press the recent apps button tap the icon above the app and then select pin windows and then here you have the option to enter pin before you leave the app for extra security so let me show you how that works so let’s say I open an application that I want my kid to play in I would then go to the recent apps menu right here I then select the app icon and then I choose pin this app so then I hit OK and now the app is pin so that means that if you press home back or the recent apps menu it is not going to leave the application so they can use anything in this app they just can’t leave it and mess up the rest of my phone and then to get out of the app you will hold down the recent apps button and the back button at the same time for a second and then it will unlock the app and you can go home as normal now the next tip kind of enhances what you would do with pin windows where you can actually lock out the entire screen so it can’t be touched at all so for this we’re gonna go into the settings of the phone we’re gonna go down and find accessibility go into interaction and dexterity and then here you have interaction control so when you turn on interaction control it is enabled by pressing the volume up and the power key at the same time but it will actually lock out the entire screen of the phone and you can set certain parts of the screen to be muted so let’s say you hand your phone to somebody and you are looking at a picture but you don’t want them to look at any other picture or touch any other part of the phone so then here if we hold down volume up and power at the same time it is then going to turn on these features and it will disable one handed mode and pin windows but that is okay so now it is asking where we want to block the phone out so right now the entire screen is being blocked if I only want a certain part of the screen to be blocked I can draw a box like that so some apps have ads that I don’t want my kids to touch I can do that and then I can also set a second box option as well and then here in the options you can actually make it so that there is a our key that they can’t touch they can also not touch the volume or the keyboard so and then here you have time limits so you could turn off the interaction control after a certain amount of time but we don’t want to enable that so now we’re going to go back and we are going to block the whole screen for this and select done so now that interaction control is enabled you can see that none of the screen I can use and you’ll see the slight blue box around the outside edge meaning that I can’t use the phone so now if I’m done letting my kid look at the video or whatever it is I can then unlock it by holding down the volume up and the power key at the same time and their interaction control is deactivated so it’s not as locked down as using like a pattern to unlock it but it’s just nice if you’re handing your phone over to somebody you don’t them scrolling through your gallery you lock it they’re not sure how to unlock it and so it makes it really easy for you to be able to do that.

9. Gesture control

Gesture control so to turn this on go into the settings of the phone go into the display settings and then go down here and find a navigation bar and then here you can change from the navigation buttons to what you are probably using to full screen gestures now right now I have the hints turned on so you’ll see these slight little bars or you can turn those off so there’s nothing on the screen at all so it looks really nice from the home screen no buttons down here so there is no longer an option to hide the navigation bar so this is the best way to do that now after using this for a while it is very handy to have when I went to one of my phones that didn’t have it enabled I found that it was very unfriendly to use so is how this works is whenever you want to use any of those buttons at the bottom you just swipe up so if I want to go to the recent apps I can do that if I swipe home so I swipe back so this is a very fluid motion to you so if you’re in an app you want to go home you swipe up again you want to go back or you want to pull up the recent apps menu it’s very fluid and simple to use so I’ve really enjoyed having the gesture controls the only problem is if my phone is resting down on something like a treadmill it is sometimes hard to hit those buttons but I have really enjoyed and highly recommend using gesture controls.

10. Creating a gift

Create a gift so the first thing I’m going to do is go into YouTube and then I’m going to open up my edge panel and I’m going to go into the smart select and choose gif so then I’m going to align it with my YouTube video here in the background and then you can keep it high quality or you could choose it to a standard quality I’m going to select play and then hit record okay I have my gift recording and then it’s going to play that gift for you over and over so I can save it share it or hit the edit icon right here so you just want to save the gif once you have created it once you have done that go into your gallery and go into the gif option there so the beginning of this gif you saw the little play button and I want to remove that so now we can click the little edit icon right here and you have a full gif editor available so this is really cool there are quite a few options so down here you can actually see the gift frame-by-frame so if you can see that at the bottom it is showing every single frame so I can go to the beginning of this and delete those frames that I don’t want to see I could even select the plus and add more frames if I want to now the next option is I could crop the ratio of the gif so if I want to change how it looks so let’s make it a 1 by 1 and we could move.

It over just a little bit the next option is I can increase or decrease the speed so here we could increase how fast the gif is playing and then next we have the option to play the gif in Reverse we can have it go forward or we can have it loop backward and forward so let’s make it go backward and then the last option here is you can actually add items on to the gif so here you have stickers so you could go in here and add different little images that you have there’s all kinds of stickers that are available but we want to go back and you now have the option to do text previously you could only draw on these gif images but now you can actually do text so then you would come in here and you want to choose the style and then you can choose left center or right and then you can choose with a box so then you are able to meme your gif so let’s put that there you can move it around and then if you want to do another one text it says sorry perfect and you can increase the size by going like that I wish it would stay level and then you would have another bar to rotate it but that’s just kind of how it is so there you go dan else says sorry so when you’re all done click the box right there and now you have your own gift that you have created all on your Samsung Galaxy S10.

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